Publications for the Month of Nov 2017

1. Laxminarayana, M., Ram Raj Mathur and S.P. Anand, Geophysical attributes to evaluate subsurface structural features using ground magnetic data in parts of Karimnagar district, Telangana, The Journal of Indian Geophysical Union, 21, 6, 457-464
2. Reddy, C.D. and Mahesh N. Srivastava, An appraisal of the plate tectonic forces: role of gravitational potential energy (GPE) in the deformation of Indo-Eurasia collision zone, The Journal of Indian Geophysical Union, 21, 6, 474-481
3. Yadav, V., B. Kakad, A. Bhattacharyya and T. K. Pant, Quiet and Disturbed Time Characteristics of Blanketing Es (Esb) During Solar Cycle 23, Journal of Geophysical Resaeach – Space Physics, 122, doi: 10.1002/2017JA023911
4. Singh, Ram and S. Sripathi, Ionospheric Response to 22–23 June 2015 Storm as Investigated Using Ground-Based Ionosondes and GPS Receivers Over India, Journal of Geophysical Research – Space Physics, 122, doi: 10.1002/2017JA024460
5. Kattamanchi, Sasi, Ram Krishna Tiwari and Durbai Sai Ramesh, Non‑stationary ETAS to model earthquake occurrences affected by episodic aseismic transients, Earth  Planets and Space, 69:157, doi: 10.1186/s40623-017-0741-0
6. Sai Gowtam, V. and S. Tulasi Ram, An Artificial Neural Network- based Ionospheric Model (ANNIM) to predict NmF2 and hmF2 using long-term data set of FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC Radio Occultation Observations: Preliminary results, Journal of Geophysical Research – Space Physics, 122, doi: 10.1002/2017JA024795
7. Singh, Rajesh, Ajeet K. Maurya, Olivier Chanrion, Torsten Neubert, Steven A. Cummer, Janusz Mlynarczyk, Morris B. Cohen, Devendraa Siingh and Sushil Kumar, Assessment of Unusual Gigantic Jets observed during the Monsoon season: First observations from Indian Subcontinent, Scientific Reports, 7, 16436, doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-16696-5
8. Suneetha, N., G. Gupta and M. Laxminarayana, Evaluation of geoelectric parameters to delineate the subsurface features for ground water exploration around coastal Maharashtra, India, Journal of Coastal Sciences, 4, 2, 9-16