Publications for the Month of Sep 2017

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4. Gawali, Praveen B.,  Sainath P. Aher, B.V. Lakshmi, Ravindra D. Gaikwad, Identification of Landslide Susceptible Villages around Kalsubai Region,Western Ghats of Maharashtra using Geospatial Techniques, Journal of Geological Society of India, 90, 03, 259-384, doi: 10.1007/s12594-017-0718-4 
5. Siingh, Devendraa, T. Dharmaraj, P. Ramesh Kumar, Rajesh Singh, Sanjay Kumar, G.R. Chinthalu, M.N. Patil and R.P. Singh, Variability of lightning, convective rain and solar activity study over South/Southeast Asia during ENSO episode for the period of 1998-2010, Journal of Indian Geophysical Union, 21, 05, 401-414
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12. Sharma, A.K., O.B. Gurav, G.A. Chavan, H.P. Gaikwad, R.N. Ghodpage, P.T. Patil, Variation in occurrence of equatorial plasma bubbles (EPBs) using All Sky Imager from low latitude station Kolhapur (16.8° N, 74.2°, E 10.6° dip. Lat.), Advances in Space Research, 60, p. 2452–2463, doi: 10.1016/j.asr.2017.09.014