Cover Title Author
Lake champlain in transition : from research toward restoration

Year :2013
ISBN :9781118665992
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Lake superior basin segment of the midcontinent rift system

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Land surface hydrology, meteorology, and climate : observations and modeling

Year :2013
ISBN :9781118665589
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Land use and watersheds: human influence on hydrology and geomorphology in urban and forest areas

Year :2013
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Landslides : processes, prediction, and land use

Year :2013
ISBN :9781118665954
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Year :2013
ISBN :9781118667262
(ed.) William M. Brown
Large igneous provinces : continental, oceanic, and planetary flood volcanism

Year :2013
ISBN :9781118664346
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Late proterozoic and cambrian tectonics, sedimentation, and record of metazoan radiation in the western united states : pocatello, idaho, to reno, nevada 20-29 july, 1989

Year :2013
ISBN :9781118667415
Nicholas Christie-Blick, Marjorie Levy, Jeffrey F. Mount, Philip W. Signor, Paul Karl Link
Lower mississippian foreland basin deposits of western maryland : hancock to keysers ridge, maryland july 14, 1989

Year :2013
ISBN :9781118669358
David K. Brezinski