Cover Title Author
Talking with computers: Explorations in the science and technology of computing

Year :2012
ISBN :9780511816284
Thomas Dean
Tectonic evolution of northern california: sausalito to yosemite national park, california, june 28-july 7, 1989

Year :2013
ISBN :9781118666876
M.C.Blake et al.
Tectonic, climatic, and cryospheric evolution of the antarctic peninsula

Year :2013
ISBN :9781118667668
(eds.) John B. Anderson, Julia S. Wellner
Tectonic, depositional, and pleoecological history of early mesozoic rift basins, eastern north america

Year :2013
ISBN :9781118667491
(eds.) Paul E. Olsen, Roy W. Schlische, Pamela J. W. Gore
Tectonics of the scotia arc, antarctica: punta arenas, chile to ushuaia, argentina january 1-february 1, 1989

Year :2013
ISBN :9781118670378
(eds.) Ian W. D. Dalziel et al.
Tectonics of the virginia blue ridge and piedmont culpeper to richmond, Virginia

Year :2013
ISBN :9781118667446
(eds.) Lynn Glover et al.
Tectonostratigraphic terranes in the northern appalachians: their distribution, origin, and age; evidence for their existence. Albany, New York to providence, Rhode Island, July 19-26, 1989

Year :2013
ISBN :9781118669594
E-an Zen et al.
Terrane accretion and orogenic belts

Year :2013
ISBN :9781118669907
(eds.) Evan C. Leitch, Erwin Scheibner
Terrestrial biology III

Year :2013
ISBN :9781118664568
(ed.) Bruce C. Parker
Terrestrial heat flow

Year :2013
ISBN :9781118668825
(ed.) William H. K. Lee