Cover Title Author
Antarctic Oceanology II

Year :2013
ISBN :9781118664582
(ed.) Dennis E. Hayes
Antarctic Peninsula Climate Variability: Historical and Paleoenvironmental Perspectives

Year :2013
ISBN :9781118668450
(eds.) Eugen Domack, Amy Levente, Adam Burnet, Robert Bindschadler, Pete Convey, Matthew Kirby
Antarctic Pinnipedia

Year :2013
ISBN :9781118664773
(ed.) William Henry Burt
Antarctic Research: The Matthew Fontaine Maury Memorial Symposium

Year :2013
ISBN :9781118668788
(eds.) H. Wexler, M. J. Rubin, J. E. Caskey
Antarctic Sea Ice: Biological Processes, Interactions and Variability

Year :2013
ISBN :9781118668146
(eds.) Michael P. Lizotte, Kevin R. Arrigo
Antarctic Sea Ice: Physical Processes, Interactions and Variability

Year :2013
ISBN :9781118668245
(ed.) Martin O. Jeffries
Antarctic Siphonophores From Plankton Samples of the United States Antarctic Research Program

Year :2013
ISBN :9781118664766
Angeles Alvariño, Joan M. Wojtan, M. Rachel Martinez
Antarctic Snow and Ice Studies

Year :2013
ISBN :9781118669808
(ed.) Malcolm Mellor
Antarctic Soils and Soil Forming Processes

Year :2013
ISBN :9781118668719
(ed.) J. C. F. Tedrow
Antarctic Subglacial Aquatic Environments

Year :2013
ISBN :9781118670354
(eds.) Martin J. Siegert, Mahlon C. Kennicutt