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Library Item Search

IIG Library offers a wide range of resources, both physical and electronic. Discover books, articles, journals, and more via the library catalog. You can use the ‘search across the Call Number’ feature in the library catalog to locate books on the same subject on the same shelf.

Each library shelf has been numbered with a guide on the front of the shelf stating where you can find books on a particular subject.

Use the QR codes for easy access to the catalog via your mobile devices.


We allow users to check out item based on your individual choice and preference. You can either reserve an item by logging in to your library account or by manual checking-out the item from the library. Find the detailed guide to check out an item below.

  • Search and locate:
    Find and locate your item(s) by searching through our library website by logging in to your <library account>. Check the current status of the item(s)and note down the call number(s) of the individual item(s).
  • Reserve online:
    If item is available, you can come to the library and search for the items through the shelves.
    If the item is out, you can self-reserve it online by clicking the option "place hold" at the top of the required bibliographic record. We will arrange the item by recalling within 15 days for pickup.
  • Check-out:
    For item check-out bring it to May I Help You desk. We will ask you to sign the book cards and will issue the book in your name.

Make note

  • You are allowed to borrow only physical copies of books, .
  • Other materials like reference books are allowed only for reference.
  • You are allowed to issue books only for yourself and not for others.
  • Check the condition of the book before borrowing.
  • We allow each user to borrow 10 items at a single time with a borrowing period of 30 days.



Are you enjoying reading? Carry on here!

We are helping you to continue reading the same item twice!

For online renewal

You can renew your items online by

  1. Log in to your< library account>.
  2. Go to <my account>
  3. Select the option <checkout(s)>
  4. Select the items that you need to renew
  5. Click the option <renew or check- in selected item> or <renew all> (if you want to renew all the items in your account.)
  6. For In-person renewal
    You can directly come to us with the item and request for item renewal. We will update the book card and will notify you through mail about the renewal status.
    Note- Check the borrowing limits before renewals. (If already issued). You cannot borrow any items if you have reached your borrowing limit, having an overdue, if another user reserves the item. Our renewal policy is intended to encourage users to return items on time, thereby protecting the library's collection and giving fair access to resources.

Are you blocked from renewing?

  • If your record is blocked for any reason, you can’t renew books online or in- person. Check My Account to see why you are blocked. You must clear your account (often by returning overdue items) before you can renew or borrow more items.
  • Items recalled from you cannot be renewed. Instead, return the item by the recall due date to make the material available to other IIA library users.
  • Items requested by another user to be held cannot be renewed. Items requested by another user to be held cannot be renewed. Holds on items do not shorten the due date, but they prevent the item from being renewed. Return the item to the library by the due date. If you need to use the item again, you can request a hold be placed for you. Speak to a staff member at the circulation desk


In returning, you need to visit the Circulation desk. You can also send your borrowed item by inter branch delivery service. Please ensure the item transit is securely done to avoid compensation for any loss or damage to the item.

Return my books on time!
We are here to remind you through mail about your item's due date or overdue reminders. Hence please check your institute mail regularly!